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Gain insight about the real total cost of ownership of mobile computing solutions with a white paper from the Panasonic Toughbook knowledge center. Watch a webinar about the benefits of individual Toughbook models for specific healthcare applications. Read an article about the Bates County Memorial Hospital deployment of the Toughbook H1 mobile clinical assistant and how it has enhanced the facility's electronic health records (EHR) system. Learn more about growth projections for the wireless home healthcare industry. Gain new perspectives on the Toughbook product line. Stay current with an event calendar. Sign up for upcoming webinars.

White Paper Toughbook H1

Mapping Technical and Operational Challenges of Mobile Computing Deployments

Many organizations invest in mobile computing solutions based on inaccurate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models. This can result in substantially higher ownership costs, poor customer service performance and lost revenue over the life of the product. This white paper reveals overlooked deployment costs and customer-specific operational details in TCO analysis, and explains how to leverage mobility investments for a true competitive advantage.

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Recorded Webinar

"Which Toughbook Mobile Device is Right for My Healthcare Project?"
Recorded September 2nd

Learn about which Toughbook models are ideal for a wide range of healthcare applications including the operating room, the emergency room, medical administration/positive patient identification, cart-based computing, home health/ hospice and mobile blood collection.

Congratulations to the winner of the iPod Touch, from Methodist Health Systems.

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Tough testimonials

Toughbook H1 "The Toughbook H1 has made a significant impact in the efficiency of our nursing staff. With the H1, nurses can access critical patient information and document a patient's condition and vital signs at the bedside, eliminating the need to manually input hand-written nursing notes into a computer, search for patient files and possibly repeat work that may have already been completed. Not only has the Toughbook H1 increased productivity, it has also improved the quality of patient care, which is most important to us. Since patient information gets stored in our system in real time, nurses no longer have to worry about lost information, delay in data input, or miscommunication of critical information – all of which are common causes of medical errors. We looked at other MCAs but selected the Toughbook H1 for its superior durability, hot-swappable batteries, untethered wireless G capability and fully-sealed design and dual-touch screen. We are very happy with our choice."

– Doug Darby, CIO, Pioneers Memorial Hospital


Advice on Choosing Tablets

Health Data Management Interview with Bates County Memorial Hospital

The selection criteria and successful deployment of Toughbook H1 devices at Bates County Memorial Hospital is highlighted as well as the facility's expansion plans to add 50 more Toughbook H1s for their hospital-wide EHR solution roll out.

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In the News

Wireless Home Healthcare to be $4 Billion Industry by 2013

The U.S. market for wireless home-based healthcare applications and services is projected to achieve a five-year cumulative annual growth rate of over 80% and become a $4.4 billion industry in 2013, according to Wireless Healthcare: Analysis & Forecasts.

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Toughbook H1 Certified on Verizon Wireless Network
Wireless Week
August 24, 2009
By Monica Alleven

Doctors, nurses and clinicians will benefit from the wireless mobility benefits of the Gobi™ Global Mobile Internet (WWAN) –enabled Panasonic Toughbook H1, certified to work on Verizon Wireless' network.

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Toughbook H1 Featured on Sky News Business channel
August 21, 2009

The Sky News Business channel in Australia recently reported on the Panasonic Toughbook H1 mobile clinical assistant (MCA).

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The Mobile Clinical Assistant Around the World: A North American Perspective
Thursday, October 15 @ 2 PM EST

Register for Intel's webinar and hear Greg Davidson, healthcare business development manager for Panasonic, present a case study about a Toughbook H1 hospital deployment that resulted in significantly improved clinical workflow and patient outcomes. Greg will be joined by other medical industry executives in a discussion of best practices for mobile point-of-care deployments, including how to identify and evaluate the right device to fit the needs of your organization and other considerations critical to a successful deployment.

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