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Saint Francis Medical Center

Hospital Computer Technology

Saint Francis Medical Center is a 280-bed facility serving more than 650,000 people in a 5-state area. Noted for its expertise in neurosciences, orthopedics, and neonatal intensive care, the hospital is also on the leading edge of technology. In 2008 Saint Francis rolled out over 150 Toughbook T-series computers, followed by a deployment of almost 100 Toughbook C1 convertible laptops in 2011, to their clinical staff and doctors practices.

Since deployment, the IT department and clinical staff have experienced increased workflow efficiency due to the durability, lightweight and portability of the Toughbook computers. Physicians and nurses can go about their daily duties without having to worry about dropping, bumping or spilling onto their Toughbook laptops. "We've only had less than a half a dozen repairs in four years, since we first deployed the Toughbooks, which from an IT perspective is remarkable. You just don't usually see that in a product."

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