For almost 90 years, Zurich Engineering has been helping businesses identify, manage and control risk. As part of Zurich, a leading commercial insurer in the UK, the division's 500 engineer surveyors perform upward of 3.5 million safety inspections a year on items ranging from escalators, elevators and industrial machinery to kettles and computers. In 2004, the company deployed the Toughbook 18 in an effort to digitize its workflow and after five years of service — in extreme environments — the Toughbook 18 was upgraded to the newer, Toughbook 19 convertible tablet computer. Given the operating conditions Zurich's approximately 500 Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers were placed in, they saw very few failures. So, when making the switch to the Toughbook 19, Zurich didn't consider other devices.

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