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Panasonic's Extended Warranty Service provides Toughbook® mobile computers with (up to) an additional two years of standard warranty coverage beyond the standard 3-year limited warranty that comes with all Toughbook computers. This means up to five years of warranty coverage from the date of purchase. An extended warranty makes sense when purchasing computers for a deployment that is expected to last longer than three years.

The extended warranty program covers all the same repairs in the same manner as the standard warranty, but for one or two years more, depending on the plan selected. Coverage is for failures due to defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use. All system components are covered under the extended warranty, except consumable items. For added coverage beyond the standard and extended warranties, see Protection Plus.

Extended Warranty Service Pricing 1


  • Pricing for Extended Warranty coverage is based on either one-year or two-year extensions
  • Coverage must be purchased as part of the original Toughbook computer sale
1-year plan2: $200 per unit(CF-SVCLTEXT1Y)
2-year plan3: $350 per unit(CF-SVCLTEXT2Y)
How to Buy
1 Specification and Prices subject to change without notice.
2 1-Year Extended Warranty (Year 4)
3 2-Year Extended Warranty (Years 4 & 5)
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