Customer Branding Badge

Customer Branding Badge The Panasonic Toughbook® Customer Branding Badge service lets organizations create and permanently apply a durable version of the organization's logo to the outer case of every computer in the deployment. Having the logo appear prominently helps the organization increase brand awareness. These bold badges make logos highly visible—clearly identifying the owner of the unit—thereby reducing the likelihood of theft.

Organizations provide Panasonic with a high-resolution file containing text, logos and colors to be included on the badge. Panasonic provides a final proof for approval prior to printing and applying the badges to the computers.

Customer Branding Badge Service Pricing Information1


  • Minimum quantity of 50 branding badges per Toughbook laptop model
  • Customer Branding Badge Service not available on the Toughbook U1
$47 per unit
50 unit (min.) - 99 Units (CF-SVCLOGO50):
$35 per unit
100 - 249 units (CF-SVCLOGO100):
$32 per unit
250 - 499 units (CF-SVCLOGO250):
$28 per unit
500 - 999 units (CF-SVCLOGO500):
$22 per unit
1000 - 2499 units (CF-SVCLOGO1K):
$17 per unit
2500 units minimum (CF-SVCLOGO2K5):

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1 Specification and prices subject to change without notice.
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