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Hot Swap Management With Panasonic's Hot Swap Management Service, the Toughbook Services team sends the user a fully functional Toughbook® computer from a reserve of customer-owned Toughbook computers stored at Panasonic's National Service Center. The replacement unit is shipped for next business day delivery whenever a user calls Panasonic Technical Support and determines that the computer needs to be serviced.

The user removes the hard drive from the original computer and inserts it into the replacement unit, eliminating the need to transfer files or software. The user keeps the replacement Toughbook and ships the original unit to Panasonic. When the original computer is received by Panasonic, it is repaired, re-imaged and put back into the customer's own inventory for future use. This service enables the organization's users to stay productive and experience maximum efficiency.



  • Hot Swap Management must be purchased as part of the original Toughbook computer sale.
3-year plan: $110 per unit(CF-SVCHSM3Y)
4-year plan: $140 per unit(CF-SVCHSM4Y)
5-year plan: $180 per unit(CF-SVCHSM5Y)

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