Redeployment Services FAQs

What are Redeployment Services?
Once a Toughbook® mobile computer has outlasted its warranty, the organization may wish to trade it in for credit toward a new Toughbook, donate it or recycle it. Panasonic Redeployment Services can help.
How much does Panasonic charge to recycle Toughbook computers that are at the end of their lifecycle?
Nothing. Panasonic will recycle Toughbook computers in accordance with EPA-EPEAT guidelines, free of charge.
Does an out-of-warranty Toughbook have a trade-in value?
Yes, if it still works, the laptop can be traded in for credit toward the purchase of a new Toughbook mobile computer or professional services.
Is there a way to get tax credits by donating out-of-warranty Toughbook computers to schools or non-profit organizations?
Yes. Panasonic can help.
What happens to the software and files stored on Toughbook units that are traded in?
Panasonic follows strict United States Department of Defense (DOD) guidelines for the removal of data on hard drives to assure the security of customers' files.
Panasonic recommends Windows.