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Customer Branding Badge
What is the Customer Branding Badge?
The Customer Branding Badge program allows an organization to have its own logo applied to the cover of a Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computer.
Is the Customer Branding Badge available on all Toughbook models?
What are the benefits of the Customer Branding Badge service?
There are several important benefits of the badge. It helps promote the organization's "brand", reduces the likelihood of theft by identifying ownership and aids in loss recovery since the badge cannot be removed by someone who found or stole the unit. An additional benefit is pride of ownership for the user.
What type of information is placed on the Customer Branding Badge?
Content can include the organization's logo, a "helpdesk" phone number, a project name or any other "branding" information.
What is the minimum quantity requirement for this service?
50 badges. Organizations deploying fewer than 50 Toughbook laptops may still want to consider the production of this many badges for later Toughbook deployments or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged units.
Data Protection
If a Toughbook computer is lost or stolen, can Panasonic help protect the data on the unit?
Yes, the Panasonic Data Protection Service can help organizations to remotely wipe data from a user's Toughbook unit without the new user's knowledge.
Can Panasonic help recover a stolen unit?
If a computer is reported missing or stolen, the Absolute Recovery Team works with the police to track and recover the computer. The Absolute Team provides the police with tracking information to pinpoint the physical location of the computer and documentation needed to obtain subpoenas and procure search warrants to recover the computer.
What process is used to remove data?
The data removal process uses an algorithm that meets the United States Department of Defense (DOD) standard for data removal. Once the data is removed from the unit, it cannot be recovered.
Hot Swap Management
What is Hot Swap Service?
Panasonic stores organization-owned spare Toughbook computers and ships them to the organization's users in exchange for their non-functioning laptop. The user keeps the swapped computer. The original unit is serviced and stored by Panasonic until another user needs to Hot Swap.
Is shipping included in the cost of the Hot Swap program?
Yes, Panasonic ships Hot Swap units and the units that need repair for next business day delivery to and from the National Service Center at no charge.
Does the free shipping mean the Hot Swap will be shipped anywhere?
No, Panasonic provides next business day delivery at no charge for Hot Swaps to and from locations within the United States only
Are the Hot Swap Toughbook units provided as part of the Hot Swap Management Service?
No, the Toughbook units used in the Hot Swap pool are purchased by the organization and stored at Panasonic's National Service Center. These units always remain the property of the organization and are used only as loaners to users who work for the organization, never other organizations.
Is the Panasonic Hot Swap Management Service available for more than three years?
Yes. The package is available for three, four or five years.
Does the customer also have to purchase Disk Image Management since Panasonic re-images the Hot Swap prior to shipment?
No. Disk Image Management is included in the Hot Swap Management Service.
Where are the Panasonic Hot Swap Management Services performed?
All Hot Swap Management Services are performed at Panasonic's National Service Center.
On-site Service
What is On-site Service?
With On-site Service, the technician goes to the Toughbook laptop, rather than the laptop being shipped to Panasonic's National Service Center.
What is the advantage of On-site Service?
It is more convenient for the user who will not have to pack and ship the non-functioning unit. This is also an advantage when security is a concern. Confidential data never leaves the user's location.
Can Panasonic provide On-site Service outside the United States?
Yes. On-site Service is presently available in selected countries in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. For a complete listing of countries with service, please refer to the On-site Service brochure.
What if the country where On-site Service is needed does not appear on the list?
Panasonic continually adds countries to the coverage area. Based on geography, Panasonic may be able to establish a servicing partner arrangement upon request.
How does a user request On-site Service when needed?
The user calls 1-800-LAPTOP5. This number is also available from more than 100 countries outside the United States.
How soon after calling 1-800-LAPTOP5 does a service technician arrive on site?
In most cases, the next business day, if the user called 1-800-LAPTOP5 before 4PM (EST) and is located near one of the top 50 cities in the United States. Beyond those regions, On-site Service will arrive on the second business day.
What types of service can be performed by the On-site Service technician?
All components can be serviced on-site. In the event a repair is out-of-warranty, an estimate for service is given to the customer before proceeding. Customer charges include parts, labor, shipping and all applicable taxes.
Is On-site Service available every day?
No. On-site Service is not available Saturday, Sunday or federal holidays.
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