FAQs » CF-18

How can I determine my Toughbook’s full model number and serial number?
This information is located on a barcoded label on the bottom of the Toughbook.
The full model number starts with CF-18, followed by several other characters (e.g., CF-18BDAZXMM).
The serial number is a string of 10 characters: one number, followed by 4 letters, followed by 5 numbers (e.g., 1ABCD12345).
This information can also be found in the BIOS Setup Utility (See BIOS Section).
What is my Toughbook’s generation (Mark)?
There are several generations (or Marks) of the CF-18 series Toughbook PCs. The specific Mark can be determined by the first few characters of the model number.
Mark 1 – CF-18B/CF-18C
Mark 2 – CF-18D/CF-18E
Mark 3 – CF-18F/CF-18G/CF-18H
Mark 4 – CF-18K/CF-18L
Mark 5 – CF-18N/CF-18P