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Site Terms of Use

Welcome to the Panasonic Toughbook Support Site. By visiting, you are agreeing to all terms, as outlined below. The following terms and conditions apply to your access and use of all materials from the Panasonic Toughbook Support Site. Panasonic reserves the right to change this agreement at its sole discretion. By using this site and/or downloading any material, you agree to be bound by this agreement.

Panasonic Toughbook Service Disclaimer

Download and use of any driver, BIOS or EC update, other program, manual, documentation, or information from any Panasonic Computer (Toughbook) website is strictly limited to customers, channel partners, and service providers that use, sell, or service Panasonic computer (PCSC) products. Panasonic makes no claims or statement that use of the above items will remedy any issue, and such items could actually cause additional harm if installed or used improperly. Before attempting any firmware, BIOS, or EC update or any service on your computer, read all documentation completely, including the warranty statement, and contact Panasonic Toughbook Service if questions remain.

Service should always be referred to qualified, trained Panasonic Authorized Service Providers. To set up service on a Panasonic Toughbook model, contact Panasonic's toll-free, 24 hour technical support hotline at 1-800-LAPTOP5.

Windows 2000 Disclaimer

1. Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000 publicly.

2. Panasonic has tested the Windows 2000 drivers for the unit to the best of our ability. These drivers are considered to be the final version as provided to Panasonic by our suppliers. If there are driver issues that arise during the testing and deployment phase Panasonic will work with the chipset manufacturer to obtain an updated driver if one is available. Panasonic will act as a conduit between the company and the parts manufacturer to assist obtaining an updated driver to address driver specific issues; however Panasonic cannot guarantee a reply/solution for the problem due to Microsoft and Intel no longer supporting Windows 2000. The parts manufacturer (video, audio, etc) will be responsible for providing the Windows 2000 driver.

3. This Windows 2000 driver set can only be provided for sole use by the consenting party and will not be provided to any other company or entity.

4. Windows 2000 compatible drivers may not exist for certain devices (3rd party).

5. The processor speed and power consumption of the laptop are going to stay constant. In other words, the processor will not be able to throttle down when not working. Usually there would be a warning message that would come up that states "The system was unable to change performance, to change the performance, you must shutdown and restart your computer." Our factory engineers can keep these message from coming up so that the user will never be aware that the processor is not able to throttle down.
6. If you utilize the Fingerprint reader option in the unit, if available, there will be a Z drive that will be displayed. This is normally used to store encrypted data; however this will not be accessible in Windows 2000. We can not hide this drive, therefore, please note that although this drive letter is visible, it is not accessible.

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