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Because Panasonic is a core manufacturer using superior materials and stringent quality control processes, Toughbook® mobile computers are approximately 6 times more reliable than standard laptops*. Inside and out, Toughbook mobile computers are packed with the best materials and technologies available for mobile computing.

Core Advantage: As a core manufacturer, Panasonic not only controls the entire manufacturing process, but builds many of the components that go into Toughbook computers. This allows for superior design, construction and ultimately, a more reliable and durable product.
Features on many Toughbook mobile computers include:

  • An all-magnesium case to assure superior resistance to drops and applied pressure.
  • Shock-mounted hard drives with proprietary foam technology developed by Panasonic to protect against drops and vibration, which can lead to data loss. And, quick-release hard drives employ metal enclosures that encase both the shock-mounting foam and the hard drives to protect them when they're removed.
  • Innovative technologies, such as custom-built heat-pipe assemblies to funnel heat away from sensitive internal components. These technologies also eliminate the need for fans, a major point of failure and contributor to dust and moisture ingress.
  • The latest Intel® processors, delivering innovations such as multi-core mobile performance, greater power efficiency and vPro™ technology.
  • Advanced LCD technology, along with anti-glare and anti-reflective features, provide excellent outdoor visibility for fully-rugged models.


In addition to using high-quality components, Panasonic is a technology leader with a rich history of innovation in mobile computing.

Through the development and manufacturing of the Toughbook line of computers, Panasonic was the first manufacturer to:

  • Create rugged laptops in a standard form factor and in a convertible tablet
  • Integrate CD-ROMs into laptops
  • Encase LCDs in magnesium alloy
  • Engineer ruggedness into ultra-portable, business-rugged laptops with shock-mounted hard drives, magnesium alloy cases, spill resistant keyboards, and embedded wireless solutions
  • Deliver integrated mobile broadband with support for EDGE/HSDPA and EV-DO

Panasonic subjects the components and materials used in manufacturing Toughbook mobile computers to rigorous testing and quality control. The computers are tested for drop and shock resistance, liquid resistance, vibration resistance, particle resistance, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, humidity resistance and resistance to dust and water ingress.

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