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Panasonic regularly shares research and development findings through detailed white papers and, as warranted, these are made available for general review. Learn more about Panasonic’s full line of Toughbook mobile computers.

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In today’s increasingly service driven economy, an organization’s greatest asset – and cost – is in its workforce and their time. Optimizing this time is at the heart of an organization’s operational strategy.

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TBR believes a powerful enterprise computing solution is emerging: recent developments in tablets and device operating systems merged to create a powerful tablet based on maturing Windows PC and Android operating systems, combing, without compromise, the virtues of tablets, notebooks and desktops while surpassing consumer-grade tablets in durability and customization. A growing number of organizations see value in a device that boosts employee productivity by expanding the concept of the workspace, allowing tablet users to do more while on the go between meeting rooms, job sites or office locations.

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While consumer-grade tablet currently dominate the enterprise, IT organizations are questioning their long-term viability as a professions, computing tool, citing limitations around functionality, durability , and reliability.

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The Role of Rugged PCs in Successful Rollouts of Smart Metering Systems

This IDC White Paper discusses the increasing trend toward smart metering systems in the utilities sector and details some of the IT requirements of the mobile workforce in this new usage scenario. The choice of a wrong device can lead to inefficiencies that multiply by the number of users, and that can easily scale to the thousands. The white paper presents two cases studies, helping to shed light on the challenges in selecting the right mobile computing solution, up to the solution delivered with rugged Toughbook mobile devices.

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The Next Generation of Ruggedized Handheld Devices will run Windows 7

Windows® Mobile—the standard operating system for many commercial implementations—will likely enter end-of-life in late 2010 as Microsoft emphasizes its new, consumer-oriented Mobile® 7 OS. That means that IT and business managers will soon face a tough decision as to which operating system to deploy on their fleets of handheld devices. An increasingly popular option: run Windows® 7 at the handheld-device level. This white paper outlines the many advantages Window® 7 offers mobile workers, building a strong case based on capabilities, operating efficiencies and reduced costs.

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Mapping Technical and Operational Challenges of Mobile Computing Deployments

Many organizations invest in mobile computing solutions based on inaccurate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) models. The result is substantially higher ownership costs, poor customer service performance and lost revenue. This whitepaper reveals overlooked deployment costs and customer-specific operational details in TCO analysis, and explains how to leverage mobility investments into a true competitive advantage.

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Using Analytics for Better Mobile Technology Decisions

Different departments within organizations often define the value and true costs of mobile computing differently. Choosing a solution that minimizes Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), maximizes Return on Investment (ROI) and meets the needs of the entire organization requires an honest, vendor-neutral analysis. This white paper discusses how the Panasonic Toughbook ROI Evaluator uses actual corporate data to generate comprehensive analyses that help companies come to a consensus when making purchasing decisions.

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Assessing the Broad Business Case for Rugged Computing

Driven by the increase in mobile workers, new broadband technologies and the use of laptops in a wider range of environments, the demand for rugged, business laptops is rising. Today, nearly 60 percent of companies consider themselves a virtual workplace and many employers are currently looking to expand their mobile workforces. This white paper addresses these key demand drivers and provides a comprehensive overview on rugged mobile computing.

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The Business Case for Embedded Wireless Technologies in Mobile Enterprise Strategies

While mobile solutions have made great strides in the last decade, advancements in embedded wireless wide-area networking (WWAN) now offer business users even higher levels of portability and productivity. A growing number of companies are discarding their poor-performing, labor-intensive wireless network cards in favor of embedded wireless solutions. This white paper explores the latest developments in embedded wireless networking, as well as how it benefits both users and organizations.

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Realizing the Benefits of Digital In-Car Video for the Law Enforcement Community

Law enforcement professionals require a secure means of collecting and processing evidence for use in legal proceedings. A mobile digital video system can be an ideal solution. This white paper outlines the application and value of digital video solutions in law enforcement, focusing on incident capture and evidence.

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The Role of Rugged Mobile Computing in Overhaul, Service and Maintenance Operations

Rugged mobile computers have become increasingly vital in the overhaul, service and maintenance operations for automotive, aerospace and other large equipment manufacturers. These industries must continually increase productivity while keeping up with the latest technologies. This white paper discusses how rugged mobile computers make this possible with durable, portable solutions that withstand the harsh environments found in which they operate.

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Mobility and Reliability Make the Panasonic Toughbook Wireless Display a Winner for Operational Efficiency

Keeping mobile employees connected through wireless devices and lightweight communication tools is critical for companies wishing to achieve workflow efficiencies and cost savings. However, advancements in information technologies have also created new issues regarding data integrity and security. This white paper discusses the challenges businesses face and how the Toughbook 08 is designed to address these operational inefficiencies and privacy concerns.

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