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The Toughbook ROI Evaluator is a third party application developed to help purchasing agents objectively compare mobile computing solutions from a variety of manufacturers. Purchasing agents use the Evaluator to determine which manufacturer's solution offers the best return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) based on the needs of their organization. By evaluating the options in real time, agents are able to quickly and confidently design a business case.

The Toughbook ROI Evaluator uses a company's current project- and industry-specific information to perform an in-depth simulation of how specific computers would be rolled out and managed in the real world. The detailed cost analysis generated by the application takes into consideration many factors, including:

  • The price to buy vs. lease
  • The total cost of ownership over the life of the computer, including the associated costs of installation, end-user training, software acclimation, and maintenance expenses
  • Product features and their value to users

The Evaluator is impartial, so it is not unusual for it to uncover ROI or TCO advantages for non-Panasonic products. Furthermore, the reports are generated in Microsoft Excel® so that the data can be modified for any possible deployment scenario without input from Panasonic.

By offering real time, unbiased answers, the Toughbook ROI Evaluator allows purchasing agents to accurately assess their mobile computing options. Reports are formatted for easy reading so that they can be reviewed and analyzed by other decision makers to justify the final purchase decision.

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