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Public Safety Solution
Public Safety Solution

Public safety demands the dependability of Toughpad

When community safety is at stake, time is of the essence. It is crucial that public agencies —law enforcement, fire and EMS, or any inspection and safety bureau —communicate and respond quickly and effectively. Dependable, low-maintenance Toughpad™ tablets help agencies facilitate rapid response times with minimal downtime at a lower cost. In combination with third-party applications that streamline processes such as issuing and tracking traffic and other infractions, as well as retrieval of patient data in real time, Toughpad enables public safety officials to make critical decisions that save lives and resources.


Building inspectors are responsible for collecting, processing and sharing vast quantities of data that is vital to protecting citizens and property. Rugged, reliable Panasonic Toughpad tablets enhance agency communications and awareness by integrating third-party applications that streamline state and local inspections and enable highly mobile data collection. Toughpad tablets help public sector personnel make vital decisions quickly and effectively.


E-citations When issuing citations, law enforcement personnel need to be both fast and precise. Panasonic Toughpad solutions — with e-citation software and mobile printers — enable officers to simplify the entire process via electronic ticketing, helping increase accuracy and city revenue, while enhancing personnel safety and effectiveness.

Fire Inspection and Arson Investigation

Fire inspectors and investigators are frequently called upon to enter buildings and other structures that are potentially unsafe or compromised. Panasonic Toughpad tablets are built to endure harsh environments, helping ensure fire codes are followed or arson investigations are promptly completed in these unstable environments.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting

The stabilization and medical treatment a first responder provides a victim can mean the difference between life and death. The versatility of Toughpad tablets, along with EPCR third-party software, creates a durable, fully integrated system that allows first responders to maximize pre-hospital patient care and operational efficiencies.

Building Inspection

From approving zoning regulations, to ensuring compliance with building codes, ordinances and contract specifications, Toughpad tablets provide a secure, rugged computing solution that offers government inspectors the performance, flexibility and mobility to complete an inspection in virtually any environment.

Data Collection

Field agents are traveling constantly under all types of conditions to collect data for gaming and lottery control, as well as personal information, such as that required by Health and Human Services. Toughpad tablet solutions offer the highly reliable mobility and embedded hardware and software security these government agencies need.

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