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Toughpad 4K Accessories

Desktop Two-Position Cradle

  • Offers fast docking and removal for ease of charging and enhanced connectivity
  • Allows for use in desktop or drafting modes with a quick twist of the stand
  • Small and light enough to carry along for longer presentations
  • Provides three additional USB 3.0 ports, HDMI out, Ethernet and power
  • Cable lock slot for securing to furniture
  • Works with both Standard and Performance Toughpad™ 4K Tablet models
UT-VEB5000WU Two-position desktop cradle

Cradle VESA Mount

  • Works with desktop cradle to secure Toughpad 4K Tablet to any VESA-compatible device
  • Locks the tablet into place for safe and secure use
UT-VEB5005WU VESA mount

Optical Electronic Touch Pen

  • Allows for freehand drawing, annotating and signature capture on the Toughpad 4K Tablet screen
  • Wireless connection over Bluetooth® that allows for multiple pens to be used simultaneously on one tablet
  • Accurate to nearly the pixel level with unique infrared optical sensing technology
  • Includes two programmable buttons to simulate mouse clicks
  • Sensitive enough to interpret 2,048 levels of pressure with a pen-and-paper-like feel
  • Rechargeable via included USB cable, with charging indicator in LCD window
UT-VNP5000WU Electronic touch pen

Carrying Case

  • Shock-absorbing design provides 24/7 stylish protection
  • Fold-away screen cover protects display when not in use
  • Built-in easel elevates screen for viewing or typing
  • Allows easy access to features, ports and front camera
TBC4K-P Panasonic Toughmate 4K carry portfolio

AC Adapter

  • OEM, Panasonic-built power adapter
  • Compatible with 100- to 240-volt AC power
  • Three-prong plug for North American outlets
Panasonic CF-AA5713AM AC adapter

Lind Car Charger

  • Designed for demanding mobile environments
  • Rugged aluminum case protects against shock and vibration
  • Delivers true, continuous 120-watt power output
  • Enough power to operate your Toughpad 4K Tablet and charge its battery simultaneously
  • Timer shuts down charger to protect your vehicle's battery
  • Voltage regulatory protects equipment from high- and low-voltage surges
Lind CF-LNDDC120 Car adapter

Lind Max Power 60

  • Lightweight Li-ion battery pack
  • Provides up to six additional hours of runtime
  • Includes AC adapter for recharging
Lind MP60-TB External battery pack
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