Bread Maker SD-RD250

Price †$ 299.99


Automatic Bread Maker With Raisin & Nut Dispenser

For Fresh and Healthy
Homemade Bread








Scratch Resistant Bread Pan with
Diamond-Fluorine Coating

Built twice as tough for durable and long-lasting use. With a convenient built-in handle and non-stick coating, the inner Bake Pan is easily removed and finished bread slides out effortlessly.




Automatic Raisin & Nut Dispenser

The dispenser automatically adds raisins & nuts at the optimum time to ensure perfect raisin or nut bread.




Various Baking and Dough Modes

• Bake only
• Rapid Bake
• Basic
• French
• Pizza Dough
• Pasta Dough

Choice of 2 loaf sizes:
• Extra Large or Medium
• Crust Colour Control (light or dark)


Bread Maker SD-RD250
Top Loading Raisin, Dried Fruit & Nut Dispenser
Non-Stick, Diamond Fluorine Coated Inner Pan / Handle
Baking and Dough modes: Bake Only, Basic, Rapid Bake, French, Pizza Dough and Pasta Dough


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