Working in Cooperation with Worldwide Business Partners

With home appliances, digital AV equipment, computers, smart devices, building fixtures and materials, car navigation systems and more, Panasonic endeavors to contribute to “Better Lives” for our customers through a wide range of products and services. In order to achieve an even greater level of contribution for individuals and society alike, we collaborate with business partners throughout the world. By deepening these partnerships and relying on our advanced and expansive range of technologies we are able to provide total solutions - not only in the area of hardware, but in software and services as well.

Worldwide Partners1 Automotive

Innovating the Future of Automobiles

Increasing Eco Car Driving Range, Revolutionizing Car Navigation Systems

Utilizing the technologies developed by Panasonic in home energy solutions, we collaborate with automobile manufacturers to create better eco cars, developing power management systems to improve battery and power efficiency, and heat management systems to improve the efficiency of air conditioning units. These developments help to contribute to a greater driving range for eco cars.

Additionally, utilizing technologies developed in home AV solutions, we are collaborating with General Motors in the development of My Link™, an infotainment system which downloads new applications and functions to maintain a continuously updated car navigation system, and which makes use of AV and telecommunication features.

Worldwide-Partners2 Airecraft

Innovating the Future of Aircraft

Entertainment Systems for Passenger Planes

Since first collaborating with United Airlines in 1998, Panasonic has worked with 275 carriers to date, providing onboard entertainment systems and telecommunications devices to over 5,000 passenger planes. In 2012, our services were enjoyed by over 500 million passengers. In the future, we plan to offer onboard provider internet services, as well as next generation entertainment systems that consume less power and which are lighter in weight.

Worldwide-Partners3 Cloud

Innovating the Future of Home Appliances

Creating New Services through Cloud Technology

By equipping home appliances, televisions, fixtures and similar products with telecommunication features, Panasonic will be able to analyze cloud data and provide consumers with more convenient services. In 2012, Panasonic made an agreement to work with IBM, a leader in the field of cloud architecture. In addition, in 2013 Panasonic will embark on a cooperative proof-of-concept with Fujitsu for the creation of smart appliances and new cloud services.

Cooperating for new value and sustainable manufacturing

Panasonic works with business partners in a variety of fields. In order to strengthen the relationships of trust and cooperation with these partners, we work closely with them from the very initial stages of product and service development. Additionally, during the manufacturing process, we consider the global supply chain, implementing rules and guidelines in our dealings that are in accordance with international standards, in terms of not only compliance, but also in terms of issues such as human rights, labor conditions, occupational health and safety, and the environment. We also hold regular meetings in order to share the latest information on risks related to “Conflict Minerals.”*

By deepening our cooperation with worldwide business partners, Panasonic will continue to realize “Better Lives” for the consumer, while also pursuing sustainable manufacturing.

*Conflict Minerals
Conflict Minerals refer to minerals produced in countries where armed insurgents carry out acts of atrocity and plunder. The purchase of these minerals carries the risk of funding such groups and so leading to further conflict and human rights violations.

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