Mini System SC-MAX700


An Explosion of Sound Unlike Anything Ever Heard Before

Giant Party Entertainer with Overwhelming Sound Power




4-Way Giant Speaker Box

Produces an Astoundingly Powerful Sound

These 4-Way Giant Speaker Boxes are top-class for a mini system, and deliver an extremely powerful and clear sound.

Full Digital Triple-Amp

A more powerful, clear sound has been created

Less data loss with digital connection contribute to higher quality sound closer to original. Separated amplifiers enhance the clarity of sound at each freq. range. Vocals become clearer and crisper, and the bass can be made far more powerful.

MAXDJ Effect

Skillful Control – Just Like a DJ

Six effects give you masterful control over the music to entertain your listeners with DJ-like club tricks and sounds.

Latin Preset Equalizer

Make Your Party that Much More Fun

With the wide variety of the Latin Preset Equalizer you can maximize your enjoyment of different music genres.

Prism Color Illumination

Colorful LED Lights Make the Music Even More Fun

The dynamic big super woofer and heavy-duty main unit glow in prism colors in sync with the music, helping the powerful sound to give the room a club-like atmosphere.

High-Force Magnet

Phenomenally powerful, crisp sound is born

The powerful magnetic force allows greater diaphragm movement, which results in more powerful, crisper bass sound.


Product Image
2300W (RMS)
Total Power Output
Music Port & USB Playback
USB Supports MP3 Playback
Prism Color Illumination
Glow in sync with the music


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