Our Activities

Our Activities

Kid Witness News

Kid Witness News

Kid Witness News (KWN) is a program for education, which aims to encourage creativity, teamwork and the use of communication tools among children aged 10-15 years. Panasonic Latin America S.A. supports this program by providing materials, recording equipment, organizing workshops and local contests.

ANCON and Panasonic

Cooperation and Assistance Agreement between Panasonic Latin America S.A. and ANCON

Panasonic Latin America S.A. and the National Association for the Nature Conservation (ANCON) signed an agreement for Cooperation and Technical Assistance, where Panasonic will cooperate with Ancon in some programs listed in the Operational Plan for Environmental Education. With the purpose of making social responsibility practices for the employees of this company and the community. Through this agreement are organized environmental activities together as educational lectures, recycling and reforestation projects, among others.

Eco Diarios - Panasonic

Eco Picture Diary Contest

Panasonic Latin America S.A. as part of its overall commitment to environmental conservation held every year the Eco Picture Diary competition. The mechanics of the contest is that the diaries are delivered for a week to the students and they have to fill it with pictures, ideas and inventions that benefit the environment. Then brand managers gather and choose the winner. This competition aims to raise awareness about the importance of taking action to preserve the environment.

Proyecto Pro Escuelas - Panasonic

Pro Escuelas Project

Panasonic Latin America S.A. supports Pro Escuelas Project that provides guidance to teachers leaders to improve their teaching techniques, with a consequent helps students in their schools. This program endorsed by the Ministry of Education of Panama also offers educational visits to various sites in the Republic of Panama, providing an opportunity for these teachers leaders to offer a more efficient new style of education.

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability in Action

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Making the Best Use of Limited Resources and Energy

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Solving the Issue of a Sustainable Society

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A Corporation Where Diverse People Can Thrive and Prosper

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Working in Cooperation with Worldwide Business Partners

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