Renew. Reinvigorate. Refresh.

  • Deep cleansing & moisturization
  • Nano‐sized particle ionic steam – 4,000 times smaller than normal steam particles
  • Ideal for removing makeup, dirt & excess oil

Water tank & cup included

Two-year limited warranty

Facial Ionic Steamer

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Innovative anti‐aging technology

The Facial Ionic Steamer emits nano‐sized steam particles ‐ 4,000 times smaller than normal steam particles.
The result is younger looking skin with improved radiance and skin tone.*
*As reported by participants in a clinical trial conducted on behalf of Panasonic.

Benefits of facial ionic steam therapy:

Maintaining sufficient skin moisturization is an effective method of combating the signs of aging. Daily use of the Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer as part of your daily beauty care routine can help.