Using Panasonic INVERTER® Microwave

  •  Corer or long boning knife
  •  Measuring Spoons
  •  Measuring Cup
  •  Cutting Board
  •  Glass baking dish 9x13.
  •  3/4 cup of Arborio (Italian) rice
  •  1 small onion
  •  8 medium sized zucchini
  •  1/2 lb of ground meat; a mixture of beef or lamb
  •  1 t of salt
  •  1/2 t of allspice pepper and 1 T of pepper
  •  2 T of vegetable oil
  •  1 (16 oz) can of crushed tomatoes.
  1.  Gather and measure all the ingredients
  2.  Soak the rice in cold water for 2 hours
  3.  Medium dice the onion
  4.  Remove a small amount of the large end of the zucchinis
  5.  Using the corer or the long boning knife, remove the core of the zucchinis from the larger end (leave the stem end intact)
  6.  For the stuffing, combine the rice, the meat, 1/2 of the salt, 1/2 of the pepper, and 1/2 of the allspice
  7.  Gently fill the zucchinis by pressing the stuffing through the opening
  8.  Place the onion and the vegetable oil in the baking dish and "Sauté" on P-9 for 1:00 then on P-5 until the onion becomes soft and translucent (about 2 - 3 minutes)
  9.  Add the crushed tomatoes to the sautéed onion
  10.  Add the remainder of the salt, pepper, and allspice
  11.  Arrange the stuffed zucchinis in the glass baking dish
  12.  Spoon the tomato/ onion mixture over the zucchinis
  13.  Cover the glass baking dish with a plastic wrap and puncture once with a knife to vent
  14.  Cook on P-10 for 5:00 minutes
  15.  Cook on P-5 for 30 minutes
  16.  Put the zucchinis on a serving platter and the sauce in a saucer.

If the mixture is fluid enough, fill a plastic storage bag and slice off one of the bottom corner. Use this as a "pastry bag" to fill the mushrooms - this is especially important if you've doubled or tripled the recipe and have many mushrooms to fill. Otherwise, a Parisianne Scoop (or "Melon Baller") may be used to evenly portion and fill the caps.

Download PDF Version:

Download PDF Version: