Creating New Life with Energy

For more than 90 years, Panasonic has been creating products trusted for performance, safety, and reliability. Our technology is driven by scientific research as we find new ways to extend endurance and improve safety. Passion for quality has led to the supply of over 180 billion dry batteries* to more than 120 countries. With ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’re leading the way to new life and new possibilities.

* As of September 2015

Leading Energy Solutions for the Future Leading Energy Solutions for the Future

Panasonic’s vision for the future centers on developing products that offer convenience, performance, and environmental sustainability. We’re already delivering on that promise, supplying next-generation batteries for electric vehicles and driving solar energy development. It’s the beginning of a new era for Panasonic and the global community.


Challenges for the Future

Panasonic supports tomorrow’s technology leaders by assisting with the development of next-generation vehicles and helping teams compete in global events.

World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge

We offer technical support for the World Solar Challenge, supplying high-efficiency HIT® solar technology and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries to Tokai University’s solar car team—champion in the 2011 and 2013 events. The World Solar Challenge has taken place every year since 1987 (bi-annually from 1999) and teams compete over a 3,021 km course.



As an official partner, Panasonic supplied eneloop rechargeable batteries and chargers to participants in the 2015 Ene-1 GP SUZUKA, an eco-racing event staged at Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The time-trials cover three laps of the hilly 5,807 m course, with students competing in self-built cars.

Our Manufacturing Philosophy An Advanced Global Approach to Battery Production Our Manufacturing Philosophy An Advanced Global Approach to Battery Production

Panasonic’s approach covers four key areas: research and development, production, quality control, and environmental responsibility. The guiding principles of continual product improvement and the strictest quality control are governed by a desire to deliver premium-value products to customers with the least possible impact on the environment.

More than 180 billion* batteries sold worldwide

Since Panasonic first began in-house production of dry batteries in 1931, we have shipped more than 180,000,000,000 cells to all corners of the globe. And while we continue to drive battery performance evolution forward, one thing hasn’t changed: our desire to provide clean, safe, affordable energy to people from all walks of life.

More than 180 billion batteries sold worldwide

Research & Development Research & Development

Developing Quality High-Capacity Batteries

Continual research and development in all areas, from materials, production processes, and system technology at our dedicated lab facilities has kept Panasonic at the forefront of battery design. A focus on improving battery safety and endurance has led to high-value products that exceed expectations in every area.

Developing Quality High-Capacity Batteries

Reducing Use of Harmful Substances

Panasonic Manganese batteries contain no lead, mercury, or cadmium, while our Coin batteries contain zero mercury.

Reducing Use of Harmful Substances

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Integral Computer-Controlled Production Lines

Almost all batteries are made on fully automated and computer-controlled production lines for superior consistency of quality and greater efficiency.

Integral Computer-Controlled Production Lines

Contaminant-free Clean Facilities

The majority of production takes place in contaminant-free clean rooms that exceed all industry environmental standards. Advanced techniques ensure the same highly consistent quality no matter where our products are purchased.

Contaminant-free Clean Facilities

Quality Control Quality Control

Pursuing Better Quality Batteries

More than two million Panasonic batteries are produced, tested, and shipped each year. All are subjected to severe five-category testing covering discharge performance, leakage resistance, shelf life, performance in extreme environments, and product stability over time.

Pursuing Better Quality Batteries

Environmental Efforts Environmental Efforts

Eco-friendly Processes and Design

Panasonic is committed to reducing its impact on the environment, in particular significantly reducing CO2 emission during production at the Kasai Factory.

Eco-friendly Processes and Design

The Green Certification System and eneloop

As part of our participation in the Green Certificate System, eneloop batteries are charged with solar-generated power prior to sale*, helping in our aim of creating a Clean Energy Loop.

* Through the green power certification system

Eco-friendly Processes and Design

Sharing technical expertise with the world Sharing technical expertise with the world

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