Smart, Bright, and Efficient Ideas for Illumination

Panasonic’s first-ever product was a bicycle lamp in 1923. Our technology has since evolved into a family of products that deliver bright and efficient illumination in any situation.

Personal Lights Personal Lights

LED Neck Light LED Neck Light

A convenient LED light for walks, fishing, and camping. LED provides high brightness while using a fraction of the power.

• Easy hands-free design ideal for walking, jogging, etc. at night
• Comfortable 40-gram weight puts no strain on your neck
• Illuminates a wide area for safety

LED Neck Light
LED Key Light LED Key Light

Perfect for finding door locks or searching inside bags at night. One push lights up the immediate area. Compact and lightweight, it’s great insurance against the unexpected.

• 15-hour battery life (Approx. 10-year lifespan with 15 seconds of use per day)
• Easy-to-use On/Off switch

LED Key Light

Specialized Lights Specialized Lights

Waterproof Safety LED Light BF-SG50BT Waterproof Safety LED Light BF-SG50BT

This LED light is ideal for outdoor use, such as camping, hiking, and fishing, with waterproofing guaranteed to IP54 standards for protection in heavy rain.

• 175-hour battery life
• 30 lm illuminance
• Water resistant to 10 m

LED Bike Light LED Bike Light

Rain- and spray-proof to IP42 and with an adjustable-focus beam for added safety, this bicycle light has features that cyclists demand.

• 9-hour battery life
• 80 lm illuminance

Bicycle LED Flashlight with Holder
LED Adjustable Focus Flashlight LED Adjustable Focus Flashlight

Durable pocket-sized flashlight with adjustable focus and weatherproofing to IP42 standards.

• 9-hour battery life
• 80 lm illuminance

2-Way LED Lantern 2-Way LED Lantern

2-Way design
for night light or torch

Convenient 2-Way design

Install upright by your bedside for easy-to-reach gentle illumination. Simply pick it up and use as a lantern when heading to the bathroom without switching on the lights and waking up the household.

One-touch On/Off function

Push On/Off function

This LED lamp does not get hot—so to turn it on, increase illumination, or switch off, just gently push the top of the lamp bulb.

Strong/Weak modes

Strong/Weak modes

This lamp has versatility for any situation. The standard setting provides soft illumination for a personal space, while Strong Mode lights up a larger area—great for camping or during a blackout.

Emergency LED Any-Battery Lantern Emergency LED Any-Battery Lantern

Works with any battery

High capacity for long life

Provides long-lasting illumination with any single D, C, AA, or AAA cell you have to hand with up to 85.5 hours of light when loaded with EVOLTA batteries.

Versatile 2-Way functionality

Versatile 2-way functionality

Spread gentle illumination over a wide space in Lantern Mode, or twist the lens cover and hold it by the handle to use as a flashlight.

Waterproof for outdoor use

Waterproof for outdoor use

Waterproof-specified for outdoor use. Take it hiking, night fishing, camping, or keep one in the trunk of your car in case of an emergency.

LED Emergency Light LED Emergency Light

Turns on automatically when removed from its wall-mountable holder. Keep one handy in case of a power outage.

• Reliable light source that’s only ever a few steps away
• Conveniently mount on a wall or in other suitable locations
• Up to 70 hours continuous illumination with Panasonic EVOLTA battery

Standard Lights Standard Lights

LED Flashlight LED Flashlight

Perfect for lighting up your campsite or for emergency home use, this standard flashlight features a 7.5 mm φ white LED light-source for bright, long-lasting illumination.

• Brightly illuminates a wide area with a big 7.5 mm φ white LED light-source
• Up to 70 hours continuous lighting with EVOLTA batteries
• 18 lm illuminance

eneloop solar storage
Bringing renewable energy lighting to people camping or living off the electrical grid with solar storage.

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