eneloop solar storage

Power to Light Up the World

With an estimated 1.3 billion of the world’s people living without electricity, we set out to create a safe, practical, and affordable product to bring light to those living off the grid. The eneloop solar storage system captures and stores free and abundant solar energy to power LED lights and charge devices over many years of use, and in so doing brings power to enrich the lives of people living in remote areas.

Solar Power for Everyone Solar Power for Everyone

Panasonic aims to create a Clean Energy Society by developing reusable products that harness natural solar energy. It’s our goal to help everyone in areas without electricity by offering an efficient, sustainable energy and lighting solution that can be used almost anywhere.


Two Bright LED Lamps Two Bright LED Lamps

1.5 W Bulb + 5 W Straight Tube : Total 6.5 W of LED Illumination

Two Bright LED Lamps

* Actual test result stated. Lumen is a measurement of brightness. More lumens represent brighter illumination.

Long 5-Year Lifespan* Long 5-Year Lifespan*

A highly durable Ni-MH rechargeable battery was developed to guarantee longer life than conventional sealed lead-acid batteries.

Long 5-Year Lifespan

* Lifespan varies depending on usage conditions.

User Friendly User Friendly

Plug in the solar panel cable, LED bulbs, and USB charging cable for your mobile devices and start using right after purchase.

Durable IP52 Spray and Dust Proof
Flexible Layout

Long-life Operation Long-life Operation

Delivers up to 24 hours of illumination.

Long-life Operation

Solar Recharging Solar Recharging

Battery fully recharges in approximately five hours* on fine days.

Solar Recharging

* Continuous solar charging time varies according to weather conditions.

Recharges Mobile Devices Recharges Mobile Devices

Able to recharge 3 x smartphones or 6 x mobile phones*

Recharges Mobile Devices

* Number varies depending on device. Cables not included.

Awards Awards

International accolades for eneloop products from the world’s leading design institutions.




Main Unit (with Battery)

Battery: 37 Wh Ni-MH (12 V)

Solar Panel

15 W

LED Light

5 W Straight with Dimmer Switch x 1,1.5 W Bulb x 1
5 W Straight with Dimmer Switch x 1,1.5 W Bulb x 2

DC Output

12 V × 3

USB Output

DC 5 V, 1 A × 1

Spray and Dust Proof

Main Unit & LED Light: IP52,
Solar Panel: IP54

Battery Life

5 Years (Battery Replaceable)

Product Includes

Solar Storage Main Unit (with Battery) x 1,
Solar Panel x 1, Bulb LED Lamp x 1,
Straight Tube LED Lamp x 1
Solar Storage Main Unit (with Battery) x 1,
Solar Panel x 1, Bulb LED Lamp x 2,
Straight Tube LED Lamp x 1

Global Design Awards
eneloop continues to win acclaim from the world’s leading design institutions.

Green Certificate System
We’re striving to create a Clean Energy Loop with our participation in the Green Certificate System.

Power Supply Solutions
Panasonic offers commercial photovoltaic power supply infrastructure systems for off-grid communities. Learn more here.