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March 13, 2013

Industry Smallest Diodes (*1)
Contributes to Downsizing and Longer Battery Life for Smart Phones

“Smaller and High Power CSP Schottky Barrier Diode” for release

Perfect for power circuits in mobile applications

March 12, 2013, Osaka, Japan-Industrial Devices Company , Panasonic Corporation has launched a CSP type Schottky Barrier Diode with key characteristics such as Ultra Small Packaging, High Power and High Heat Dissipation, and Higher Efficiency with less Voltage Loss, suitable for Power Circuits in Mobile applications.

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Schottky Barrier Diode


DB2G series

DB2L series

DB2M series


20 to 40V/1A

12 to 30V/0.5A

12 to 20V/0.2A

Package size

1.0 x 0.6 x 0.1mm

0.6 x 0.3 x 0.1mm

0.4 x 0.2 x 0.1mm

MP schedule

Jun., 2013

Aug., 2013

Oct., 2013

Sample price

Please contact your local sales office

MP capacity

Over 3Mpcs/month

As Mobile applications, such as Smart Phones, continue to go smaller, thinner and lighter, board sizes also have the same size limitations, resulting in extremely dense circuit designs. Therefore, downsizing all components are a must and thermal management has become an even more important factor in board designs. Also, despite the limited space, the power supply circuit has even more loads with constantly growing data-communications and High-end High-tech functions. To solve these issues, Panasonic is announcing a new CSP Diode series, with features such as Ultra-small packaging. (0.6mm x 0.3mm), Industry top-level Low Forward Voltage (15% reduction), and Industry top-level thermal performance (33% heat reduction) . This series has a line-up of 16 parts to fit all customer designs and requirements.


1. Achieved 0.5A(IF) with Industry Smallest Package size (*1)

<Package size>

SMT area



86% reduction (*2)




83% reduction (*2)




98% reduction (*2)





2. Achieved Industry Top Level low VF (*3)

<VF characteristic>


0.39V(0.5A Typ)

15% reduction (*2)

3. Industry Top level Heat Dissipation characteristics (*3)

<Heat Dissipation>

Junction temp


80.9 ℃ 33% reduction (*2)

(conditions: 0.5A, outside temp 25 ℃)

*1 As a Schottky with Max current of 0.5A ( 1A, 0.2A part also industry smallest)、as of Mar., 12th, 2013
*2: In comparison to Panasonic DB2S20900L.
*3: For a 0603 size Schottky Barrier Diode, As of Mar., 12th, 2013


Power circuits for mobile applications such as Smart Phones, Tablets

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