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March 19, 2013

World's first(*1) high-speed data read/write from/to UHS-II standard compliant SD card

Bridge LSI Connecting UHS-II Compliant SD Cards with Devices Commercialized

Significantly improves the performance of SD card compatible devices

March 18, 2013, Osaka, Japan - Industrial Devices Company of Panasonic Corporation has commercialized the world's first Bridge LSI[2] that connects UHS-II[1] compliant SD cards with devices via PCI Express(*2).

Related Information

Product name

SD card bridge LSI

Part No.


Sample shipment/ Mass production

Starts in March 2013/ August 2013

Sample price

Depends on the amount of your order

Production quantity/ month

1 million or more at the start of mass production

UHS-II standard is the latest interface standard including communication speed for SD card, and allows data transfer at much faster speed than the current UHS-I standard. Recently, increase of both SD card compatible devices and high-capacity content such as video data is remarkable, resulting in increase of the capacity of SD cards. Therefore, it is demanded that data be read from SD card at high speed when transferring data to personal computer or other devices. Furthermore, it is strongly demanded that high-capacity data be written to SD card at high speed when shooting continuously with high resolution digital camera.
In order to meet such needs, this product conforms to the UHS-II standard, and offers 12 times faster data transfer than that of the existing popular high-speed standard and also 3 times faster than UHS-I standard, dramatically reducing read/write time for high-capacity data. In addition, the product supports the low-power consumption modes of each interface, allowing UHS-II compliant notebook PC, tablet terminal, and other mobile devices requiring low power consumption.


1. World's highest(*1) data transfer rate

Maximum transfer rate of 250 MB/s(*3) for data read achieved
Compliant with the PCI Express(*2) Gen2.1 standard

2. Low power consumption at SD card standby or during communication with SD card

- Maximum power consumption at standby: 0.5 mW;
Reduced to 1/20 or less of that (approx. 10 mW) of our existing model(*4)
- Supports various low power consumption modes of interface blocks, reducing power during communication with SD card.

3. Reduces footprint with small package

49-pin 4 mm x 4 mm BGA package

4. Provides the Bridge LSI evaluation environment with UHS-II sample card.

*1: As a bridge LSI used for protocol conversion of both UHS-II and PCI Express(*2) Gen2.1 interfaces (Based on our own research as of March 18, 2013)
*2: PCI Express is a registered trademark of PCI-SIG.
*3: The maximum data transfer rate is the value measured under our environment and does not guarantee the performance of all SD cards and their data transfer.
*4: Comparison result with our existing MN66830.


Personal computer, tablet, smart phone, digital still camera, digital video camera, security camera, combined printer, digital TV, Blu-ray recorder, HDD recorder, etc.

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