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March 26, 2013

The best-in-class Low Threshold CSP MOSFET Portfolio *1
The low on-resistance combined with an ultra small package enable the Low Threshold CSP MOSFET series to reduce both power and space consumption in portable devices.

Low Threshold CSP MOSFET

New Solutions for the ultra-portable applications

March 25, 2013, Osaka, Japan-Industrial Devices Company , Panasonic Corporation has released a series of Low Threshold CSP MOSFETs for power management in portable devices.
Panasonic’s Low Threshold CSP MOSFETs are made using lateral and vertical shrink wafer fabrication technology that allows for higher power density and longer battery run time.

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FK4B011 series

FJ4B011 series


N Channel

P Channel

Package Size

0.8 x 0.8 x 0.1mm

0.8 x 0.8 x 0.1mm

MP Schedule

Jun., 2013

Jun., 2013

Sample Price

Please contact your local sales office

MP capacity

12M/month per each product

Portable applications such as smartphones, tablet PCs, ebooks and MP3 players provide ever increasing functionality and a richer user experience in wider but slimmer form factors.
As their functionality increases, battery operating time is a critical factor in the design of these portable devices. The board size must be kept to a minimum while increasing the level of efficiency in power management. One way of reducing power consumption is to turn off applications when they are not being used. This mechanism uses MOSFETs as load switches. The other way is to reduce the operating voltage of the major components in the application.
Panasonic’s new low threshold CSP MOSFET series reduces conduction losses and the operating voltage that together translate into lower power consumption and dissipation without affecting the performance.
The new Low Threshold CSP MOSFET series come in 3 different sizes with both polarities.


■FJ4B011 series (P Channel)

1. The Best-in-class Low Ron*1 in Ultra Small Package*1

<Size> SMT area : 0.64mm2  71% reduction*2
      Height :0.10mm     80% reduction*2
<Ron> Rds(on) (VGS=2.5V) :68mΩ 60% reduction*2

2. Industry leading Low Threshold Voltage*1 VGS=1.5V

<Drive Voltage>  VGS=1.5V  40% reduction

*1 For a 0808 size P channel MOSFET. As of Mar., 25th, 2013
*2 In comparison to MTM861270L


Power Management circuits for portable devices

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