Development of lighting solutions

Young Kansai artists x Lighting solutions = Collaboration and contribution to town vitality

The expressive effects of Panasonic’s LED lighting solutions have been brought out to the full in an entrance symbol for Grand Front Osaka, boosting both the area’s vibrancy and its topicality.

●Installation of various light colorings plus pattern controllers(Design theme for lighting performance is "Colors of Kansai")

●Combination of lighting and half-screen display to switch between daytime and night time faces

  • Daytime: Graphics screen
  • Nighttime: Graphic display is hidden to reveal a variety of facial expressions created through lighting effects

Lighting programs – Four seasons in Kansai

Artists living in Kansai have been asked to create the designs for the graphic screens.
This center will continue to provide such opportunities for young artists to develop and present their work.


Hina-matsuri (the Doll Festival), peach blossoms (rose pink, white, spring green)
Cherry blossoms (floral red, rose pink, white)
Fresh greenery (grass green)

Tea ceremony (soft yellow-green)


Tenjin Festival
Fireworks (deep red, yellow, pale purple, orange-red, yellow-green, turquoise, powder blue)

Aqua Metropolis


Ginkgo (russet, mid-yellow)
Autumn foliage viewing (ruby, autumn red))

Kamigata culture
Utsuroi-giku (scarlet, purple, blue


Plum Festival (ruby, cherry rose, white)
Snow (white)
Hideyoshi / Momoyama culture (gold)