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Active Learning Camp

This is the Active Learning Camp where everyone can learn about the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
This space provides everyone with an active learning opportunity to think and act on the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The basic aims of learning through the Olympic and Paralympic Games are:

  1. Understanding the history, significance and roles of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for international friendship and world peace;
  2. Improving international understanding through the study of world cultures and history, and interchange;
  3. Harmonious development of mind and body through sports.

As an Olympic and Paralympic Sponsor, Panasonic will continue to support education by providing an active learning space where everyone can think and act.

Corner MAP
Orientation ~ What is Olympism? ~

In this area, you can learn "Olympism,"which was proposed by Coubertin as what the Games are all about.

Diversity MAP ~ Take a look into world culture ~

Using a world map, you can find information on clothing, food, and housing in various countries.
Put up a national flag and take a look at diverse world cultures.

Active Learning Tree ~ Olympism from various angles ~

In this area, you can check out and learn various aspects of Olympism such as "Sports," "Mutual understanding," "Peace," and more.

Workshop Garden ~ Learn with everyone. Create with everyone ~

This is your opportunity to give your own thoughts about Olympism at the workshop and to enhance your idea interactively.

Go to 2020 ~ A challenge for everyone ~

Here you can leave a message about what you can do and what challenge you will take on as a step forward toward 2020.

■ Trivia Board

Trivia about the Olympic and Paralympic Games are introduced here.

■ Tool Garage

Tools are provided for demonstrations and learn disability care equipment, such as wheelchairs, artificial legs.

■ Curious Library

A wide variety of books on the Olympic and Paralympic Games is available here.