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Symbol Vision

Presenting the informations of “Wonders? that will change both lives and businesses!

Panasonic plays an active role not only in people’s everyday lives, but also in businesses. See the latest information on our new tower signage system.

Smart AV Life

A better life beginning with Smart VIERA.

Ultra-high resolution 4K display with smart operability. Experience our Smart VIERA in various different scenes to see how it can make your life more fun and convenient.

New Products corner

Experience Panasonic's latest products before anywhere else.

Here, you can try out Panasonic’s latest products as soon as they are available from digital AV products to home appliances, healthcare, and beauty products.

Green Lab.

Let's learn about what we can do for the world

Presenting an eco-friendly, comfortable, and secure 'smart lifestyle' realized by connecting the entire house together in a home network - combining Panasonic's initiatives for energy saving, energy creation, energy storage, and resources recycling.

Energy saving, energy creation,and energy storage experience.Save, create, and store energy.

Experience the advanced technologies for saving energy like Eco Navi,creating energy such as solar power generation systems and storing energy.

Advanced, connected lifestyles.An eco-conscious, comfortable, and secure Smart Lifestyle.

Introducing a new Smart Lifestyle that brings greater comfort and security by connecting the entire home together via the network.