Annual Report

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Annual Report 2016

This Annual Report integrates details of the Company's management strategies that are designed to secure medium- and long-term growth, environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities that provide the foundation for further expansion, as well as operating results and financial position. The Report is issued mainly for the benefit of investors. Building on the issue of this Report, we hope to ramp up dialogue with shareholders and investors.


Business Areas
About Panasonic

05:Financial/Non-Financial Highlights
07:Toward Sustainable Growth
08:Management Philosophy/History
11:Business Environment
12:Business Areas
13:Value Creation Flow

Interview with the President Kazuhiro Tsuga
Growth Strategy

15:Financial Results and Future Strategies
18:Interview with the President
24:Message from the CFO
27:Interview with the CTO
31:Overview of Divisional Companies
32:Messages from Divisional Company Presidents
40:Overview of Business Divisions

Message from an Outside Director Kazuhiko Toyama
Foundation for Growth

43:Corporate Governance
55:Social Responsibility
59:Environmental Responsibility

Financial Review
Fiscal 2016 Results

63:Major Financial Indicators
64:Financial Review
69:Consolidated Financial Statements
73:Stock Information
74:Corporate Bonds/Corporate Data

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