Annual Report

Annual Report contains wide-ranging information including details of Panasonic's business strategies and financial position that assist mainly investors in making investment decisions.

Information contained in this article is at time of release.
Please note that it may be outdated due to any reason such as end of life and sale, change of specification, price, organization and contact address.

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014

In AR2014, particular emphasis was placed on the following points.

  1. Brief introduction of the Company's business areas
    This report has newly included an "About Panasonic" page in order to introduce the wide range of fields in which the Company operates including the BtoB business.
  2. Messages from the CFO and an outside director
    In the CFO message, an explanation of the Company's fundamental approach toward financial strategies is provided together with an introduction of various initiatives. In the message from an outside director, details of the role played by the outside director in carrying out the Company's management reforms are provided.

Annual Report 2010

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