Constantly improving various systems and mechanisms under the themes of "improving quality," "maintaining product safety" and "enhancing customer satisfaction"

Aiming to provide "better living" for customers, Panasonic is diversifying its business model not only from the perspective of homes, but also offices, stores, automobiles, airplanes and communities, by extending beyond offering individual hardware products to deliver total solutions including software and services. Beyond home appliance users, our customers are growing dramatically through our businesses in various global industries, including automobiles and housing, which extend from advanced countries to emerging markets.

Against this backdrop, Panasonic has been improving various systems and mechanisms under the themes of "improving quality," "maintaining product safety," and "enhancing customer satisfaction" while engaging in manufacturing based on the management philosophy promoted by its founder Konosuke Matsushita "to contribute to society through its products and services while always placing the customer first" and the concept of "making quality top priority." In particular, we are making product safety a top management priority, having reflected on incidents involving FF-type kerosene heaters.

Regarding quality, Panasonic's Chief Quality Officer (CQO) is responsible for establishing quality control officers throughout the Company, at each Divisional Company and business division and in overseas companies in accordance with its basic policy on quality. In addition, we undertake initiatives to continuously improve quality by operating the Panasonic Quality Management System. In order to improve the level of product safety even higher, Panasonic undertakes related initiatives centered on the Group-wide General Product Safety Committee.

To improve customer satisfaction, we are establishing specialized organizations in Japan and overseas while expanding the voice of customers (VOC) system globally. Moreover, we are installing mechanisms that provide information security to ensure that customer, personal, financial and other categories of information are protected. Consequently, we are earning the satisfaction and trust of customers while making every possible effort to help maintain the integrity of today's information-based society.