Numbers of Employees

Total Number of Employees on a Global Consolidated Basis: 249,520 (as of the end of March 2016)

Proportions of Employees by Region
Proportions of Employees by Region


To deliver products and services that contribute to the lives of customers around the world, and to develop Panasonic's business, it is essential for the company to step up its efforts to develop human talent that can participate actively, and grow, in the global business environment. It is also essential that the company creates an organizational culture in which all individual employees can fully deploy their talents regardless of age, gender, or nationality. Thus, Panasonic regards the promotion of diversity as a crucial part of its business strategy, and hence provides a broad range of opportunities for anyone with ability and ambition, and actively strives to create a work-friendly environment.
In fiscal 2011, Panasonic compiled this thinking into a Global Diversity Policy. Since then, this policy has been implemented globally.

Global Diversity Policy

Panasonic Group is now one of the world's leading business groups which offer a wide variety of products in electronic business areas related to our daily lives. With an aim to contribute to progress in society and to enrich people's lives through manufacturing, every employee plays a leading role in their job and promoting business activities of Panasonic.
Panasonic is a collection of people with various backgrounds, such as in terms of region, culture, and history, who possess diverse capabilities, as well as diverse traits in terms of various factors including gender, age, race, belief, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Each person has various different ideas, and by sharing these ideas across countries and business areas, we can create more innovative values. Thus, Panasonic will continue to be a Group which always gathers wisdom and spurs innovation with the concerned efforts of all. We have a strong hope that using our diverse mindsets and viewpoints we can deliver products and services like no other in the world to our customers.
In order to achieve this, it is important to give a chance for success to motivated people of all countries and regions, regardless of their gender, nationality or any other characteristics. We have expanded our diversity activities to make the best of the individuality and abilities of each employee and to support their success towards the group on a global basis. We will continue to take up the challenge of becoming "No.1 in Diversity Promoting Activities in each country and region."

Responsible Executive and Framework

The executive responsible (as of August 2016) for the matters relating to human resources development and promoting diversity is Senior Managing Director Mototsugu Sato.
The departments responsible for these matters consist of the Human Resources & Industrial Relations Department at Panasonic headquarters plus the human resources departments in each of the four Panasonic Companies (Appliances, Eco Solutions, AVC Networks, and Automotive & Industrial Systems) and in all business divisions and affiliated companies under the Panasonic umbrella.

Organization in Charge of Promoting Diversity

In 1999 Panasonic began its Equal Partnership initiative, and since this time, it has promoted the creation of an open and fair work environment—one that does not discriminate based on gender, age, nationality, or similar factors—through initiatives such as the establishment of the Panasonic Positive Action Program, special training programs for female employees, and the naming of Equal Employment Opportunity Officers.
Soon thereafter, in 2001, efforts to appoint women to positions of responsibility—previously largely the purview of the human resources department—were more forcefully recognized as drivers of diversity for the entire organization. Accordingly as part of the management policies to change the corporate climate by facilitating the participation of women in management, the Corporate Equal Partnership Division was established directly under the office of the President.
In 2006, the division was further developed as an organization, and became the Corporate Diversity Promotion Division—with an expanded mandate that included a focus on diversity of age and nationality, in addition to gender. Currently, Engagement & Diversity Promotion Office is established in the Human Resources & Industrial Relations Department, endeavoring to create an organizational culture in which diversity thrives and supporting active participation by female employees.