Coexistence with Communities

Panasonic works with governments, municipalities, NPOs/NGOs and international organizations toward the resolution of the social issues of the world.

Various social issues relating to poverty, energy, education, food, medicine, health and other areas exist around the world, primarily in emerging regions and developing nations. Also, global environmental issues require urgent action as issues facing all of humanity.

While many governments, municipalities, NPOs/NGOs and international organizations are working together to resolve these issues, Panasonic believes a greater impact to be possible through the effective application of the human resources, technology, expertise, know-how, information, funds and other management resources possessed by companies.

Because of this, Panasonic has positioned corporate citizenship activities (social contribution activities) as an investment in society and is working to solve social issues focusing on two key areas: the environment/energy and the next generation. Furthermore, we are promoting activities positioned as core strategies under three themes- "finding solutions to social problems in emerging regions and developing countries," "the global extension of environmental education," and "improving employees' innovative mindset as a global citizen." For some of these activities we have introduced third-party evaluation programs to verify the results of the activities and are monitoring the effects they have on society.

Moving forward, Panasonic will continue to work together with various stakeholders to resolve social issues in regions around the globe and build better societies for the people of the world.

Total Number of Solar Lanterns Donated Through the 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project (FY2013 - FY2014)  Approx. 24,000