Development of Personnel

Panasonic promotes HR development and an organizational culture in which all employees can demonstrate their abilities.

Human resources are the source of growth for each and every company. Without the cultivation of human resources, a company cannot grow its business. In order to constantly create innovative value, it is essential to assemble diverse human resources of differing ages, genders, and nationalities, and to develop human resource training opportunities and an organizational culture in order that each and every employee can freely demonstrate their abilities.

"People are the foundation of business. Develop people before making products." Throughout its history, Panasonic has consistently placed priority on human resource development based on this philosophy. Having established a worldwide Human Resources Development Policy, we are promoting the development of specialist and creative human resources with a strong competitive spirit through varied human resource systems, education, and training.

Furthermore, Panasonic has made the promotion of diversity an important management policy and established a Global Diversity Policy, in order that our diverse employees throughout the world can freely demonstrate their abilities and create new value. As an example of such, we are currently promoting the discovery and cultivation of the best qualified person for each project, irrespective of age, gender, or nationality, and are moving forward with work to globally consolidate our human resource system for systematic career development and appointment of talented individuals.

Panasonic has furthermore established an Activity Guidelines for Occupational Safety and Health Program to realize a work environment in which employees can work in good health and with peace of mind, and is rolling out international health and safety management initiatives worldwide.

Total Number of Training Participants at the Human Resources Development Company  Approx. 77,000 people days