Manuals / Packages


Website Manual "Online Operation Guide" (from 2009)

Viera TV can be used to view the instruction manuals and the FAQ's of devices connected to the TV. FAQ's are constantly updated with the latest information via the web.

Instruction manual for the “New Arauno”, a toilet with an integrated warm water washing function (from 2015 onward)

With the use of soft illustrations and light color shading, gentle expressions are designed to generate users’ interest in reading the material. The manual consists of three levels of detail laid out in a step-by-step manner to allow users to increase their understanding of the product depending on their degree of interest, ranging from simple usage, detailed descriptions, to changing preferred settings. The step-by-step layout enables users to read the manual without putting undue burden on their eyes.


LED Light Bulb Packages for Japan (from 2013)

We believe that ease of choosing is part of the usability of a product: We organized key product information on the packages to simplify the decision making.

Package for earbuds (from 2015)

The ordinary clear case packaging makes packages hard to open, to protect against theft and ensure robustness while being carried. Many people complain of the stiffness of the flap lock, hurting nails and fingers while also making it hard to get the contents out. We have come up with a solution to this in the form of a design to open packages in three easy steps. (Patent-pending product)