New Initiatives in UD

By pursuing and advancing the basic principles of UD - "Usable by Many", "Easy to Use", and "Simple to Understand", we are also initiating a psychological approach of improving the users' experience and enjoyment.

Fun to Use

Multi-directional soleplate allows for smooth ironing in all directions.

Cordless 360 Degree Multi-Directional Iron

The sensor lights up as the vacuum sucks in the house dust, creating enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

House Dust Sensor

Extensive menu makes physical therapy enjoyable.

Rehabilitation Navigation System (Digital Mirror)

Everyday Convenience X Being Ready for the Unexpected

In everyday life, it is an LED light for outdoors. In an emergency, it can be used to charge your mobile phone with solar energy.

Compact Solar Light

Everyday: Gentle interior lighting.
Emergency: Automatically becomes a flashlight when tipped over.

Contactless Interior Light

Everyday: Stores plenty of energy and can be taken outdoors.
Emergency: Power source that can be used to operate PCs, TVs, etc.

Portable Power Supply

Every day: Any battery of size D, C, AA, or AAA can be used.
Emergency: Can be turned on with only a single battery on hand.

Any Battery Flashlight

Every day: Two speakers ensure sound clarity.
Emergency: The windup charger can be used for charging mobile phones.

Windup Radio

Everyday: Outdoor lantern that can be easily carried outside.
Emergency: Continues to shine for 20 hours.

Rechargeable Lantern

Provides Sustainable Electricity to Off-Grid (Non-Electrified) and Disaster Areas

A shipping container equipped with independent power supply system, including solar panels, storage batteries, and a charge/discharge controller.

Life Innovation Container