Faithful Image Reproduction Raises the Quality of Digital Signage

• Energy-Saving Design
• Native Contrast ratio 2,000,000:1
• Long Panel Life, Up to 100,000 hours
• Front panel of hard glass




Higher Luminous Efficiency Greatly Reduces Power Consumption

The higher luminous efficiency of the plasma display panel lowers the rated power consumption approximately 35% (for the 42-inch model) compared to the previous PH20 Series. The plasma display also lowers power consumption during dark scenes, to achieve an average power consumption*1 of approximately 150 W (for the 42-inch model) during operation.

*1: Based on IEC 62087 Ed.2 measurement method.
*2: Comparing the new model with the 42-inch model in the PH20 series.

Crisp Images with a High Contrast Ratio of 2,000,000:1*1

Original image-processing technologies have enabled a high contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1*1. This produces robust blacks that give images greater realism and depth.

*1:The dark room contrast ratio of the panel unit that can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen. Measured in “Dynamic” picture mode using a white signal in a 4% window.

Clear rendering of even fast-moving images.

The plasma display&s excellent moving-picture resolution*1 reproduces even fast-moving images clearly and precisely while suppressing afterimages. This results in stunning, high-resolution images.

*1:According to the method for measuring moving-picture resolution to indicate motion-image display performance that was developed by the Advanced PDP Development Centre Corporation (APDC).

Rich, Expressive Gradation with 5,120 Equivalent Steps

Maximum 18-bit digital signal processing renders images with the equivalent of 5,120 steps of gradation, while suppressing noise and minimizing blocked shadows.

Approx. 110%*1 of the Color Gamut of the HDTV Standard

High-definition broadcasts are based on the HDTV standard, rather than the conventional NTSC/PAL standard. Panasonic plasma displays reproduce a wide color gamut exceeding the entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT.709). This results in a natural and faithful color reproduction on a large screen. Digital Color Reality technology also assures images with immaculate details.

*1: Comparison based on color gamut

Dynamic Images Viewed from Any Angle

Panasonic plasma display panels use self-illuminating pixels to provide more vivid colour and sharper images that never appear faded, even when viewed at an angle. Panasonic plasma displays deliver high-resolution images without losing the quality of the original video source.



Long Panel Life of up to 100,000 hours*1

The Panasonic Professional Plasma Display panel offers a long life of approximately 100,000 hours*1, and provides bright, beautiful pictures over many years of use.

Long Life for Vertical Installations Too

Panasonic plasma displays can also be set up vertically. This allows efficient use of limited spaces, such as vertically oblong areas. The long life of approximately 100,000 hours*1 and superb image quality are completely unaffected by vertical installation. When the portrait mode is selected in the initial display settings, the on-screen display rotates 90-degrees for easy reading. The cooling fan control also changes automatically for portrait mode.

*1: Guideline operating hours before the panel brightness is reduced to half when the panel is used to display motion pictures in the Standard mode. Afterimages (burned-in images) and malfunctions are not taken into consideration.

Tough Body with Impact-Resistant Front Glass Panel

The front of the plasma display is covered by a hard glass panel that provides strong resistance to impact and breakage, thereby providing extra assurance against damage when used in busy public spaces. It virtually eliminates any need for additional protective covering.