Captivate Presentations with Sharp, Rich, Faithful Images

• NeoPDP Technology 4 x luminous efficiency
• Native Contrast ratio 5,000,000:1
• "SLOT2.0" function slot
• PJLinkTM - Compatible Network Function for Remote Control
• Long Panel Life, Up to 100,000 hours




NeoPDP Technology Increases Luminous Efficiency by About 4x for Greater Image Quality

Plasma displays illuminate their pixels with the following three steps.
1. An electric discharge is used to generate ultraviolet rays.
2. The ultraviolet rays illuminate phosphors.
3. The light from the phosphors is emitted from the panel.
The NeoPDP technology further improves the efficiency of all of these steps to achieve about four times*1 the luminous efficiency of our 2007 models. This results in better image quality and saves more power.

*1: Comparing full-HD models in existing sizes with the same-size 2007 Panasonic models.

Native Contrast of 5,000,000:1*1

To take maximum advantage of the inherently superior black expression of self-illuminating plasma displays, the newly developed panel allows the PF20 Series to emit light without the use of a pre-discharge. Its high contrast teams up with deeper black reproduction — which forms the basis of image expression — to render rich textures in images with subtle shading and color differences.

*1: The dark-room contrast ratio of the panel unit that can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen. Measured in "Dynamic" picture mode using a white signal in a 4% window.

Rich, Expressive Gradation of 6,144 Equivalent Steps

Panasonic plasma displays achieve rich shading with an incredibly accurate 6,144 equivalent steps of gradation in all scenes. These displays deliver richer gradation from brilliant whites to robust blacks, and faithfully reproduce the textural quality of the original video source.

Approx. 110%*1 of the Color Gamut of the HDTV Standard

High-definition broadcasts are based on the HDTV standard, rather than the conventional NTSC/PAL standard. Panasonic plasma displays reproduce a wide color gamut exceeding the entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT.709). This results in a natural and faithful color reproduction on a large screen. Digital Color Reality technology also assures images with immaculate details.

*1: Comparison based on color gamut

Moving Picture Resolution of 1,080 Lines*1 for Sharp and Clear Display of Fast-Moving Action

The superb moving picture resolution of the plasma display panel ensures that even fast-moving action is displayed clearly with full detail and with minimum afterimages. Panasonic Professional Plasma Displays deliver beautiful, high-resolution images from 1080p Full HD sources.

*1 Moving picture resolution is a quantitative measurement of detail in displayed motion pictures discernible by the human eye. Using a measurement method developed and applied by the APDC (Advanced PDP Development Center Corporation).

Dynamic Images Viewed from Any Angle

Panasonic plasma display panels use self-illuminating pixels to provide more vivid colour and sharper images that never appear faded, even when viewed at an angle. Panasonic plasma displays deliver high-resolution images without losing the quality of the original video source



Long Life of up to 100,000 Hours*1

The Panasonic plasma display panel offers a long life of approximately 100,000 hours*1, under normal operating conditions — providing gorgeous HD images for many years.

Long Life for Vertical Installations Too

Panasonic plasma displays can also be set up in a vertical format, allowing for more efficient use of limited space configurations. The long life of approximately 100,000 hours*1 and superb image quality are completely unaffected by vertical installation. When the portrait mode is selected in the initial display settings, the on-screen display rotates 90-degrees for easy reading. The cooling fan control also changes automatically for portrait mode.

*1: Guideline operating hours before the panel brightness is reduced to half when the panel is used to display motion pictures in the Standard mode. Afterimages (burned-in images) and malfunctions are not taken into consideration.

Tough Body with Impact-Resistant Front Glass Panel

The front of the plasma display is covered by a hard glass panel that provides strong resistance to impact and breakage, thereby providing extra assurance against damage when used in busy public spaces. It virtually eliminates any need for additional protective covering.