WV-CS570 Series

WV-CS570 Series

All-in-one color camera with 22x zoom lens

• 22x optical zoom lens plus 10x digital zoom
• High sensitivity: 1.0 lux (Color)
• High resolution: 510 TV lines (Color, High)

WV-CS570 Series



• Compact 110mm diameter dome all-in-one colour unit.
• 510-line of horizontal resolution (at High position).
• Digital-FLIP by memory read out allows automatic 180-degree turn.
• Minimum illumination of, 1 lux at colour imaging (Sens up off: AGC High)
• Privacy zone masking function.
• Linear 32x electronic sensitivity enhancement function.
• Digital motion detector.
• Patrol Learn function.
• Auto panning function with 32 preset positions.
• 360° panning and speed of max. 300°/s at preset mode.
• Image hold function during panning.
• 22x optical zoom lens (3.79 - 83.4mm at F1.6) plus 10x electronic digital zoom for total zoom capacity of 220x.
• Auto focus lens.
• Multiplex-coaxial or RS-485 data communication.
• Four (4) alarm inputs and two (2) outputs terminals.
• 16 alphanumeric character display.
• Internal/Line-lock/Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2) synchronization.
• Optional smoked and mirror dome covers, ceiling and wall mounts brackets are available for various applications.


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