CS-C28FFH9 (CU-C28FFH9) ~ 3.0 HP

CS-C28FFH9 (CU-C28FFH9) ~ 3.0 HP

CS/CU-C28FFH9 ~ 3.0 HP

• Wireless Remote Controller
• Odour-Removing Function
• Soft Dry Operation Mode
• 12 Hour ON&OFF Dual Setting Timer

CS-C28FFH9 (CU-C28FFH9) ~ 3.0HP




This unique filter traps dust mites, and other common pollutants. It also de-actives microscopic virues and bacteria, to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Solar Refreshing Filter

This unique charcoal filter absorbs tobacco smoke, odours and other contaminants.

Soft Dry Operation mode

Starts with cooling to dehumidify, then provides continuous breeze at a low frequency to keep a room dry without much change to the temperature.

12 Hour On & OFF setting timer

The exact operating time (hour & minute) of the air conditioner can be set in advance. From here on, the unit will operate in accordance to these preset hours every day until the system is reset.

Auto Restart

The unit will automatically restart at the set temperature, in case of resume from the power failure.

Fan Speed

3 fan speed control mode for better air circulation: Low,High,Automatic


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