CS-D24DD2H5 (CU-D24DBH5) (2.5 HP)

CS-D24DD2H59 (CU-D24DBH59) (2.5 HP)

CS-D24DD2H59 (2.5 HP)

• 22,100 Btu/h 6.50 kW
• Weekly Timer
• Odour Wash
• Ecomony Mode
• Low Ambient Cooling Operation
• Self Diagnostic Function.
• Dry Mode
• Random Auto Restart

CS-D24DD2H59 (CU-D24DBH59) (2.5 HP)



Thin, Lightweight Design

The unit has a height of only 29 cm*, so it allows installation in limited ceiling spaces. The lightweight, attractive design simplifies installation, and matches virtually all room interiors. (* Models up to 3 HP)

Flexible Installation

The powerful airflow enables a longer duct to be used. Since the air outlet can be installed away from the main unit, a variety of air conditioner layouts become possible.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance works can be done from the underside of the indoor unit.

Low Ambient Cooling Operation

The unit can set for cooling even when the outdoor temperature drops to 5 degreeC. This is ideal for locations that require cooling even in winter.


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