CS-PC24DB4H9 (CU-PC24DB4H9) (2.5 HP)

CS-D34DB4H59 (CU-34DBH89) (4.0 HP)

CS-PC24DB4H9 (CU-PC24DB4H9) (2.5 HP)

• 22,000~22,800 Btu/hr, 6.50~6.70 kW
• 4 Way Airflow System
• LCD Wireless Remote Controller
• Random Auto Restart
• 24 hours Real On Off timer
• Dew Prevention Control
• Anti Freezing Control
• Removable Washable Panel

CS-PC24DB4H9 (CU-PC24DB4H9) (2.5 HP)



Space-Saving, Compact Design

Compact design with 70 cm panel looks attractive and saves space.

Wireless Remote Controller

Provides operation convenience from a distance.

Extra Comfort with 4 Way Airflow Control

4 way and auto swing louvers offer comfortable and uniform airflow to all corners of room.

Super alleru-buster filter (Optional)

SUPER alleru-buster filter uses three types of functional materials that make it possible to inactivate various harmful airborne elements including allergens, viruses, and bacteria. This filter is available as an option.


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