• 1.75 HP
• Cooling Capacity: 4.5 kW / 15,400 Btu/h
• Heating Capacity: 5.1 kW / 17,400 Btu/h




Ultra-thin, Duct-type Indoor Unit

The slim design of this ultra-thin, duct-type indoor unit is especially suited for rooms with partially or minimally dropped ceilings. Its space-saving design contributes to a brighter and more spacious living environment.

Ultra-thin 20 cm Design: Fits in Even Where Ceiling Height is Limited.

Even where ceiling height is limited, the indoor units effectively fit in and provide a more spacious feel in most dropped ceiling situations. Occupying only 20 cm of vertical space and projecting only 55 cm, the unit can be installed in semi-dropped ceiling situations, thus helping to create spacious and comfortable surrroundings.

Built-in Selectable Static Pressure Settings

Built-in Selectable Static Pressure Settings

Our ultra thin duct-type indoor units have two static pressure settings: 0 Pa and 29 Pa. In situations without ducting, the 0 Pa* static pressure setting is applicable. Where ducting is present, set the unit to 29 Pa* static pressure. *0 Pa is the default setting: 29 Pa must be selected if required.

Thoroughly Considered Connecting Flange Design.

The addition of air duct connecting flanges on the indoor unit enables easy connection to short air ducts. Thus flange design both greatly simplifies installation and makes it easy to effectively seal the air duct.

Control Flexibility

• 24-Hours ONIOFF Real Setting Timer
• Weekly Timer [Wired Only]
• Group Control by Single Remote Controller
• Outdoor Unit Silent Operation Mode
• lndoor Unit Thermistor Switching [Wired Only]
• Ventilation Unit Control [Wired Only]
• Timer Output
• Digital Input/Output Contact - with CZ-TA31P [Optional]


• Filter Sign
• Hot Start Control

Field Service & Maintenance

• lndoor Unit Address Setting
• Outdoor Unit Address Setting
• Automatic Address Resetting for Group Control [Wired Only]
• lndoor Unit Test Run Mode
• Emergency Operation [Infrared Only]
• Self Diagnosis Function
• Self Diagnosis Records [Wired Only]