4-Way Airflow Comfort with Elegant, Compact Panel

• 2.0 HP
• Cooling Capacity: 5.6 kW / 19,100 Btu/h
• Heating Capacity: 6.4 kW / 21,800 Btu/h




Compact Design Allows Space Saving !

The panel is a compact 70 x 70 cm so it can be installed even in a small room where space is limited. The ceiling opening is required 65 x 65 cm.

Self Diagnosis Function with 7-Seg Code Display

When air conditioner has trouble, the indicator and 7-sea code displays on the panel making it easier for service technicians to diagnose problems.

Only 26.0 cm Thin and 75.0 cm Drain-Up Mechanism

Anti-Mould Long-Life Air Filter

Control Flexibility

• 24-Hours ONIOFF Real Setting Timer
• Weekly Timer [Wired Only]
• Group Control by Single Remote Controller
• Outdoor Unit Silent Operation Mode
• lndoor Unit Thermistor Switching [Wired Only]
• Ventilation Unit Control [Wired Only]
• Timer Output
• Digital Input/Output Contact - with CZ-TA31P [Optional]


• Filter Sign
• Mildew-Proofing Drain pan
• Hot Start Control
• Filter
• Super alleru-buster filter (optionaV3-year lifetime]

Field Service & Maintenance

• lndoor Unit Address Setting
• Outdoor Unit Address Setting
• Automatic Address Resetting for Group Control [Wired Only]
• lndoor Unit Test Run Mode
• Emergency Operation [Infrared Only]
• Self Diagnosis Function
• Self Diagnosis Records [Wired Only]