Offers Maximum Installation Flexibility with Slim, Lightweight Design

• 2.5 HP
• Cooling Capacity: 6.3 kW / 21,500 Btu/h
• Heating Capacity: 7.1 kW / 24,200 Btu/h




Compact, Lightweight Design for Easy Installation

Thin and only 25.0 cm* high, with a slim width.
This compact unit fits easily in limited spaces. The lightweight and small size also make it easier to transport and install.

3-Way Removable Air Filter

The air filter can be slide in-out in three directions even after duct installation for easier maintenance.

Versatile Air Inlet and Drain Installation

The mounting locations for the air inlet and drain outlet can be changed as desired for easy, flexible system layout and installation.

Static Pressure Selection

The static pressure is selectable from 5 or 7 mmAq according to the condition of the duct. For short ducts, the lower pressure of 5 mmAq provides efficient operation.

Control Flexibility

• 24 Hours ONIOFF Real Setting Timer
• Weekly Timer [Wired Only]
• Group Control by Single Remote Controller
• Outdoor Unit Silent Operation Mode
• lndoor Unit Thermistor Switching [Wired Only]
• Ventilation Unit Control [Wired Only]
• Timer Output
• Digital Input/Output Contact - with CZ-TA31P [Optional]


• Filter Sign
• Hot Start Control
• Filter

Field Service & Maintenance

• lndoor Unit Address Setting
• Outdoor Unit Address Setting
• Automatic Address Resetting for Group Control [Wired Only]
• lndoor Unit Test Run Mode
• Emergency Operation [Infrared Only]
• Self Diagnosis Function
• Self Diagnosis Records [Wired Only]