4-Way Airflow Comfort with Elegant, Compact Panel

• 3.0 HP
• Cooling Capacity: 7.1 kW / 24,200 Btu/h
• Heating Capacity: 8.0 kW / 27,300 Btu/h




Only 24.0 cm Thin and 75.0 cm Drain-Up Mechanism

Elegant Panel, 4-direction Blow

The thin and delicate body can be totally hidden in the ceiling, only leaving its elegant panel outside to decorate your room. The 4-direction blow can deliver airflows evenly throughout the room,eliminating the temperature difference.

Three Airflow Patterns for Extra Comfort

Self Diagnosis Function with 7-Seg code Display

When air conditioner has trouble, the indicator and 7-sea code displays on the panel making it easier for service technicians to diagnose problems.

Flexible Piping Layout

Drainpipe and refrigerant pipe distributed on the different sides of the unit, giving more flexibility of piping layout. Its excellent inside heat-protection material effectively avoids frost and water-leakage, and reduces the damage possibility in the transportation.

Anti-Mould Long-Life Air Filter

Control Flexibility

• 24-Hours ONIOFF Real Setting Timer
• Weekly Timer [Wired Only]
• Group Control by Single Remote Controller
• Outdoor Unit Silent Operation Mode
• lndoor Unit Thermistor Switching [Wired Only]
• Ventilation Unit Control [Wired Only]
• Timer Output
• Digital Input/Output Contact - with CZ-TA31P [Optional]


• Filter Sign
• Mildew-Proofing Drain pan
• Hot Start Control
• Filter

Field Service & Maintenance

• lndoor Unit Address Setting
• Outdoor Unit Address Setting
• Automatic Address Resetting for Group Control [Wired Only]
• lndoor Unit Test Run Mode
• Emergency Operation [Infrared Only]
• Self Diagnosis Function
• Self Diagnosis Records [Wired Only]