• 5 HP
• Cooling Capacity: 14.0 kW / 47,800 Btu/h
• Heating Capacity: 16.0 kW / 54,600 Btu/h
• Maximum Combination of Indoor Unit: 8




VRF Air Conditioning

The FS Multi is a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system that uses a single outdoor unit to independently control multiple indoor units. By communicating with the indoor units, the outdoor unit controls the flow of refrigerant to each one of them to match their cooling or heating loads. This enables independent operation of each of the indoor units, with inverter control providing optimum energy-saving operation. Air conditioning in multiple rooms by a single outdoor unit also means much less construction and a big improvement in the appearance of buildings. And a wide range of indoor models is available to satisfy the needs of different kinds of buildings. Taking advantage of its extensive experience with models for both the home and commercial facilities, Panasonic is ready to provide the ideal air conditioning solution.

FS Multi Advantages

FS Multi's cutting edge VRF technology is perfectly suited to medium-sized or small areas, with single-phase power sources, together with advanced lnverter technology, opening up previously unimagined possibilities in the world of air conditioning. Air conditioning spaces can now take on a new dimension. If you have bought a new property, residence, offices or commercial place which is still in the construction phase, or if you are refurbishing, Panasonic offers you the chance to enjoy FS Multi air conditioning.

• Total freedom of choice. Up to 30 different indoor unit models. Allows you to choose the best option depending on architectural needs and decoration criteria.
• Three outdoor unit ratings: 4, 5 and 6 H.P [I 1.2, 14.0, 15.5 kW/38,000,48,000 and 53,000 Btu]., single-phase.
• Inverter technology with R410A refrigerant, "greater comfort and economywith lower consumption".
• Greatest space reduction. Asingle outdoor unit feeds up to 8 indoor units [at 5 HP and 6 HP).
• Ease of installation. Thanks to the reduced dimensions of the outdoor unit it can be taken to the roof of the building in the lift.

Refrigerant Charge-free System

The FS Multi is a refrigerant charge-free system (4.0 - 6.0 HP Outdoor unit Only) that does not require a charge of additional refrigerant even when using a full pipe length of up to 90 m. This dramatically shortens the installation time required for charging with additional refrigerant, weight measurement and pressure judgment. It also eliminates charge amount calculation and there's less chance of a cooling capacity shortage due to an incorrect amount of refrigerant being used or other errors.

Pipes of Up to 90 M

The total length of the pipe between a system’s indoor and outdoor units can be extended up to 90 metres, with a height difference of up to 30 metres. These ample limits make it possible to place the outdoor unit on the roof. The maximum height difference between indoor units in the same system may be up to 15 metres, thus covering 4 or 5 floors in the same system.

Space-Saving Design

Improvement of the outdoor unit's fan has reduced the size of the unit to enable installation in a smaller space. Without sacrificing quietness, also higher efficiency is attained. More freedom in installation contributes to the easy piping and facilitates installation. It will lead to the reduction in installation cost.

Energy Saving Inverter

All models of Panasonic’s FS Multi series are equipped with DC inverter compressor technology for higher EER operation. The new design attains quiet and efficient operation whilst reducing running costs.

Broad Operating Range

The cooling function will remain stable indoors even when the temperature out-side drops to -15 ºC, thus meeting users’ different needs. Moreover, the Heating function operates from -15 ºC to 43 ºC.

Quiet Operation

A host of silencing technologies achieves super-quiet operation. We've also improved operating efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Control Flexibility

• Cooling only model setting (by jumper line cut)
• Power Save Mode
• Outdoor Unit Silent Operation Mode
• Auto Restart

Field Service & Maintenance

• Pump Down Operation
• Cooling Operation TESTRUN
• Heating Operation TESTRUN
• Automatic Address Resetting
• Self Diagnosis Function (LED Display)


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