• Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer
• Generates ultra fine Nano particle steam
- 1/8000 of an ordinary steam
• Suitable for all skin type
• Small and portable design




Ultra Fine Nano Particle Ion Steam

Introducing electric releasing arc technology to effectively create nano particle ion steam. Highly energetic are disintegrates the steam into extremely minute particles. Nano ion steam particle is only one over eight thousand of the ordinary steam.

Deep Moisture Retention

As nano* particle ion steam is approximately one over eight thousand of ordinary steam, the water particle is able to completely reach the deepest layer of keratin. Thus, deep moisture retention becomes easily achievable.

Clinically Proven

Consistent use of Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer is able to effectively produce the following effects:

• Moisturize dry skin
• Reduce oil
• Strengthen skin&s resistence and suppleness
• Refine pores hence resulting in a more tender and smoother skin