3MOS System Pro Brings Panasonic's Highest-Ever Image Quality

• Ultrafine Image Quality with 3MOS System Pro
• Blur-Free Images with HYBRID O.I.S. +
• F1.5, 2.98 cm Leica Dicomar Lens with Nano Surface Coating Technology.
• Advanced 3MOS Sensor
• Crystal Engine Pro II
• FULL HD 3D Recording*




Ultrafine Image Quality with 3MOS System Pro

The 3MOS System Pro achieves a dramatic improvement in performance with a totally re-engineered lens, sensor, and engine. This allows the new system to produce Full-HD images with breathtaking color, detail and gradation. 3MOS System Pro is a next-generation imaging system that exhibits outstanding effects even under dim lighting, and produces bright, beautiful images with minimum noise.

Blur-Free Images with HYBRID O.I.S. +

HYBRID O.I.S. + uses five-axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring all the way from wide-angle shots to powerful zoom shots. It also achieves superb effects when shooting while walking. This lets the user capture crisp, clear images, without blurring, in almost every shooting situation. This revolutionary five-axis correction function corrects the kind of roll direction hand-shake that often occurs when shooting while walking, in addition to horizontal, vertical, yawing, and pitching four-axis correction.

F1.5, 2.98 cm Leica Dicomar Lens with Nano Surface Coating Technology.

A special nano surface coating is applied to the bright F1.5 Leica Dicomar Lens. This lens minimizes the distortion and degradation of contrast and resolution that tend to occur at the lens periphery. By forming a nano-level, microstructure film with an ultra-low refractive index onto the lens surface, the reflection of incident light is dramatically reduced and suppresses ghosting and flare. In addition, the 2.98 cm wide-angle setting is especially handy for recording indoors or in tight spaces.

Advanced 3MOS Sensor

The Advanced 3MOS Sensor employs a pixel shift technology. The green MOS sensor is shifted vertically and horizontally relative to the blue and red MOS sensors with submicron-level accuracy. This achieves high-speed processing that is approximately equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD pixel. This technology renders ultrafine images with excellent color reproduction and superb detail.

Crystal Engine Pro II

By using the Crystal Engine Pro II to perform high-speed processing of the huge number of pixels - approximately equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD - that are obtained with pixel shift technology, superb Full-HD image quality is achieved even in detailed image parts. The improved processing capability also dramatically reduces noise by 40%* compared with previous models, to record clear, stunningly beautiful images even in dim lighting. * Compared to HDC-HS900/TM900/SD900/SD800.


Ultrafine Image Quality
High Performance New Wide
LEICA Lens (F1.5 Wide 2.98 cm)
Clear Sound 5.1 Dolby Digital Creator