CS-T19KB4H529 (CU-YT19KBH529) (2.5HP)

CS-D34DB4H59 (CU-34DBH89) (4.0 HP)

CS-T19KB4H529 (2.5HP)

• 19,100 Btu/h 5.60kW
• Fast, flexible installation
• Easy maintenance and cleaning
• Three airflow patterns for extra comfort

CS-T19KB4H529 (CU-YT19KBH529) (2.5HP)



• Fast, Flexible Installation (750mm Drain-Up Mechanism)
• Easy Maintenance and Cleaning (Anti-Mould Long-Life Air Filter)
• Three Airflow Patterns for Extra Comfort (Multi-Comfort Air Control)
• 950mm Square Panel for All Models (Optional: CZ-BT03P)
• Weekly Timer (Wired Remote Controller only)
• 24-Hour On/Off Real Setting Timer
• Odour Wash
• Economy Mode
• Random Auto Restart
• Auto Fan Mode
• Dry Mode Function
• Self-Diagnostic Function
• Optional: SUPER alleru-buster filter (CZ-SA11P)


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